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About Us

Specialized Physical Therapy is more than your run-of-the-mill physical therapy clinic. At Specialized Physical Therapy we focus on up to date care, individualized treatment plans, and face to face time with your therapist. It is our ultimate goal to return you to all that moves you faster and more effectively than anyone else.


Mission Statement

"To affect true change and add value to all stakeholders"


Specialized Physical Therapy's main focus is to be the best physical therapy clinic in Southeast Idaho and beyond, by affecting true change and intentionally adding value to patients' lives, through consistent education and caring. Education is a main component, as we want skilled therapists, as well as support staff, that can educate and help patients as they progress through what can be a challenging time in their lives with their current injury or current state of ability. As we focus on educating ourselves and make sure that we do all that we can to help educate patients, our outcomes will be superior to any other clinic. The most important part is at the end of the day we will have the opportunity to add value to the life of each patient who walks through our doors. Genuine caring is also a main component of Specialized Physical Therapy. As we genuinely care for our patients and want to add value to their lives, we will see superior results for them, and opportunity for clinic growth. As we want to help our fellow human beings to feel better and move better, there will be added value to their lives and our lives. The area of physical therapy is great in so many ways, and the ability to help people is one of the greatest.

Meet The Team


Shawn Higbee

DPT | PT | Cert MDT

Southeast Idaho’s #1 Concussion Specialist. Shawn Has his Doctor of Physical Therapy and is a proven leader within the world of sports medicine within Southeast Idaho.

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Jeremy Hegman


Jeremy is passionate about treating a variety of head, neck, and hand conditions among all age groups, especially pediatrics. He is dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience when helping individuals return to their maximal level of performance.

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Tamara Olsen

Office Manager

Tamara is a devoted wife and the mother of 2 kids. She moved to Pocatello in 2005, and has loved living her ever since. When she's not hiking around the hills of Idaho you can find her on a warm beach with a good book.

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Dan Barclay

DPT | PT | Cert Dry Needling

Dan is an Idaho native that got his DPT in the Army-Baylor DPT Program. Dan is an experienced manual therapist with extensive experience in Dry Needling and Blood Flow Restriction.


Aaron Spurlock


An avid adventure athlete with a particular love for running, Aaron has a passion for helping people meet their training and PT goals.



Front Desk

Autumn and her family moved to Pocatello from North Carolina three years ago and has loved the change of lifestyle. When she's not out playing with her chickens and dogs, you'll find her reading a good thriller with a giant Coke Zero in her hand.


Ashlyn Feldhausen

Billing Specialist | CPC

Born and raised in Southeast Idaho, Ashlyn enjoys the outdoors, spending time hunting, and camping with her husband and daughter. She is the medical biller for the office.

The Facility

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